"They rap but they don’t know what true rap is."

"They play rock, but they don’t know how to rock.”

"They’re funny when they don’t talk about being ___."

Always with the unnecessary commentary.

"The thrill of appropriation lies in accessing the perceived authenticity… Transfer to a white body elevates the action. It’s no longer primitive because while nonwhite culture is assumed to be rooted in instinct, white culture is one of intent… White people clamoring to up their cred by appropriating nonwhite culture do so hoping to be rewarded for choices that are falsely seen as inherent in people of color." —Ayesha Siddiqi

I’m sorry about this. Nobody who’s of one ethnicity should ever be allowed to enjoy things created by people of other ethnicities. Nobody who isn’t Asian is allowed to use paper any more. Nobody who is not Native American may eat corn or potatoes. You only get to do something if it was created by the ethnicity which you belong to, otherwise you’re just appropriating it and can’t possibly understand it.

i found the white kid


I love how when people point out how white people should stop:

- claiming credit to have invented shit other people created

- only celebrating cultural practices when white people are involved while excluding the people who created it

- redefine cultural practices over the voices of the people who create them

- redefine cultural practices incorrectly, out of ignorance

….that white people assume the ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION is to never use them.  That is to say, given the option of listening to, respecting, and giving credit to originators is so fucking impossible for them, that the only answer is that no one could use anything.



This makes me extremely content.